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xValkyrie / Apr 16, 2013
Hey all, I know I've been largely absent, so I wanted to explain why (if I hadn't already seen and told you), I'm pregnant! :) Rannd and I are expecting our first little one July 30th this year, which makes me 25 weeks along today. And the little monster is a boy! I've had a rather uneventful time with pregnancy so far, except for being ridiculously tired, which is what has kept me away from the computer for so long. But I'm feeling much better most days, and when my growing belly isn't killing my back I aim to play GW2 to pass some of my free time again. If you don't see me online at night, chances are my butt is sprawled out on my couch playing cell phone games or xbox because sitting in a chair doesn't help an achy back. Lol

But also important to this news bulletin; I've gone on a roster dump, just to keep things tidy in the guild. I only removed maybe half of the roster so far, the ones who said "unknown" which I'm pretty sure is 2+ weeks without a login. Some unknowns I've left, because the login names were familiar, and based on previous gaming history I wanted to give them a chance to log in and see the notice (which is duplicated right here).

If you were one of the ones removed: there are no hard feelings!

If you decide to play again, just let someone know if you want to rejoin the guild. If you don't, add me to your friend's list, you'll know where to find me. ;) xvalkyrie.6742

Real life gets in the way sometimes, but that's half the fun of it. See you all in game!
xValkyrie / Jan 26, 2013

In another few days, the Flame and Frost Prelude occurs in Guild Wars 2, this time the charr and the norn are under fire from the north. I'm wondering what's been woken up, maybe Anet is setting the state for bringing Jormag out of hiding? I would be thrilled to see the north opened up as the first true expansion, that means the northern shiverpeaks and the blood legion lands would be open for exploration! I think that was my favorite part of the Eye of the North expansion in the first game. The only thing that'll be weird is if they bring back dinosaurs... then I demand the armored saurus to be a charr mount. Just for S&Gs. :]

Some other new things that are being added are FINALLY some bonuses for doing dailies other than karma; laurels mean you can accumulate daily rewards and use them to purchase ascended gear. A nice change of pace from the RNG only solution we've had thus far with the rings/etc in FotM. Here's hoping this newly added way of getting ascended gear allows for same stat items, and that they'll be useful in future dungeons. (Perhaps against Jormag in another year? Plenty of time for the casual player to gather a fully ascended gear set and upgrade with good infusions)
xValkyrie / Dec 21, 2012
Happy Wintersday, everyone! :) I hope you're all having a great holiday season in and out of the game, enjoying time with family, immediate, extended and inlaws. (It's temporary, don't injure anyone. lol!)

Some fun things about Winterday you might not know; there are endless tonics you can create with the doll frames you get in Tixx's dungeon. The recipe is 50 stuffing, 50 glue, 1 pile of glittering dust (the level 0 stuff) and then the frame of your choice. If you "fail" to create the endless tonic, you'll get 3 temporary tonics and your frame back, so you can try again. If you "succeed" you get the endless tonic. But good news! Anet has added frames for 200 ugly wool sweaters, socks, hats, on the Tixx vendors. So if you accidentally used up your frames to make minis, you're not screwed. :)

The jumping puzzle is a ton of fun, as is the pvp matches. I just did the toypocalypse and I have to say you've got to get lucky with that one, since it's "pvp" it randomizes your group. If you get in with baddies who can't defend the dolyaks, just leave and try again. The best thing seems to be two people shooting toys, while 3 people run around collecting snow and scraps. If you build and upgrade balistas, they are NASTY! I had about 10 set up on one side max upgraded and they chewed up Toxx (the golem) when she came around. lol. Another good tip is if you're not making snowmen, make walls, and put them right on top of the dolyak, and box them in. The toys have to kill the walls before they get to the dolyaks, so you have extra time to kill the toys.

If you play Bell Hero (tm) (I know that's not what it's called, but it may as well be) just remember to wait until the notes reach your character's feet, basically. If you hit the note before it touches the blue, you lose hp. If you're good at it, it's a decent place to get boxes. But my favorite place is the jumping puzzle. It's not anywhere near as bad as the halloween one.

And then this morning I came across this thread on the official forums... some law students had a bit too much time on their hands... :)
xValkyrie / Nov 13, 2012
It sounds like to start off the ascended gear will only be necklaces, rings, earrings, and back slots.

But later on, there will be gear that is ascended and weapons as well, and all legendaries that are already created and to be created will be updated to ascended stats, so they will always be best-in-slot stats.

Not sure how I feel about this... if this is the only armor upgrade they ever do, I'd probably be ok with it. But I hope they don't implement a gear treadmill. New quality of gear every two updates or something. Thoughts?
xValkyrie / Nov 02, 2012
If you haven't seen it, here's the official site!

A one time event that will change Tyria forever... Personally I think Bubbles is rising from the depths!! We've yet to see the last elder dragon wake and what their power is. Kralkatorrik has his branded, Jormag has his ice born, Zhaitan has his risen, and Primordius has his destroyers. Maybe something of the water/storm variety? Save the quaggan!!

What are your predictions? Maybe we'll see the tengu city as well. I can't wait either way! Anet does awesome events, Halloween proved that. :)
xValkyrie / Oct 09, 2012

Saw this on GW2Guru, new items have shown up in the database, so be on the lookout! I imagine they'll be gem purchases, hair and face make overs, total make overs, randomizers, etc.

If you hate how your character looks, you'll be able to change everything except race and profession on these. Good news for some of you I know! :)

Also, permanent contracts for picking up AH items, name changers, bank access, etc. Can't wait!
xValkyrie / Oct 01, 2012
It's October already, where does time go?

We've got a bunch of 80s, and plenty of people on their way up the ranks. I'd like to get some more organized partying in motion, from spvp tournaments to wvw to dungeon runs. I don't know about anybody else, but I know I need a lot of story mode dungeons! :)

Plus, since this is one of the more fun holiday months, I want to get a contest going. In game gold pool will be the prize, 1g entry, screenshot contest, and Blasko and I would be ineligible to enter, as we'll vote. 1st place would get 50% of the pool, 2nd place gets 30%, 3rd place gets 20%. So if ten people enter, that's 5g for first place, 3g for 2nd, 2g for 3rd. (If we get a lot of entries, I may expand the prize selections) I'll add a new album people can submit their screenshots to, and if you want to enter, just deposit 1g in the guild bank and leave a message on the forum that you did. The guild bank has a log, so it'll also show who deposited (and withdraws).

So the theme? Scariest locale! You can dress up your character however you want, and if you want to remove the overlay, I'm pretty sure it's ctrl+shift+H to toggle the UI. May the spookiest screenshot win! :) (Deadline is Oct 30th, so prizes can be awarded Oct 31st!)

One entry per person! If you take a scarier screenshot, feel free to change your submission. The most recent screenshot from an individual will be the one judged.