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Ascended Gear

xValkyrie / Nov 13, 2012
It sounds like to start off the ascended gear will only be necklaces, rings, earrings, and back slots.

But later on, there will be gear that is ascended and weapons as well, and all legendaries that are already created and to be created will be updated to ascended stats, so they will always be best-in-slot stats.

Not sure how I feel about this... if this is the only armor upgrade they ever do, I'd probably be ok with it. But I hope they don't implement a gear treadmill. New quality of gear every two updates or something. Thoughts?

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Thought I would share this link with everyone. Has all the information on crafting your ascended backpiece, infusions, and where to get the rings. Its constantly being updated right now so not everything is posted there yet.
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