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Flame and Frost Prelude!

xValkyrie / Jan 26, 2013

In another few days, the Flame and Frost Prelude occurs in Guild Wars 2, this time the charr and the norn are under fire from the north. I'm wondering what's been woken up, maybe Anet is setting the state for bringing Jormag out of hiding? I would be thrilled to see the north opened up as the first true expansion, that means the northern shiverpeaks and the blood legion lands would be open for exploration! I think that was my favorite part of the Eye of the North expansion in the first game. The only thing that'll be weird is if they bring back dinosaurs... then I demand the armored saurus to be a charr mount. Just for S&Gs. :]

Some other new things that are being added are FINALLY some bonuses for doing dailies other than karma; laurels mean you can accumulate daily rewards and use them to purchase ascended gear. A nice change of pace from the RNG only solution we've had thus far with the rings/etc in FotM. Here's hoping this newly added way of getting ascended gear allows for same stat items, and that they'll be useful in future dungeons. (Perhaps against Jormag in another year? Plenty of time for the casual player to gather a fully ascended gear set and upgrade with good infusions)


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