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Clearing out the roster

xValkyrie / Apr 16, 2013
Hey all, I know I've been largely absent, so I wanted to explain why (if I hadn't already seen and told you), I'm pregnant! :) Rannd and I are expecting our first little one July 30th this year, which makes me 25 weeks along today. And the little monster is a boy! I've had a rather uneventful time with pregnancy so far, except for being ridiculously tired, which is what has kept me away from the computer for so long. But I'm feeling much better most days, and when my growing belly isn't killing my back I aim to play GW2 to pass some of my free time again. If you don't see me online at night, chances are my butt is sprawled out on my couch playing cell phone games or xbox because sitting in a chair doesn't help an achy back. Lol

But also important to this news bulletin; I've gone on a roster dump, just to keep things tidy in the guild. I only removed maybe half of the roster so far, the ones who said "unknown" which I'm pretty sure is 2+ weeks without a login. Some unknowns I've left, because the login names were familiar, and based on previous gaming history I wanted to give them a chance to log in and see the notice (which is duplicated right here).

If you were one of the ones removed: there are no hard feelings!

If you decide to play again, just let someone know if you want to rejoin the guild. If you don't, add me to your friend's list, you'll know where to find me. ;) xvalkyrie.6742

Real life gets in the way sometimes, but that's half the fun of it. See you all in game!

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Congratulations :D. Thanks so much, im glad i didnt get the boot. As much as i love and wanted to play more of this game, my responsibilities got the better of me. I even had my account hacked by gold farmers while i was gone and banned for being used as a bot...but at least i got it back :B. Im playing pvp again with a friend, im not even sure if anyone is going to see this ><...but if you do and would like to join in with us id be more than glad :). Peace yall
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