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New Month and a Halloween contest!

xValkyrie / Oct 01, 2012
It's October already, where does time go?

We've got a bunch of 80s, and plenty of people on their way up the ranks. I'd like to get some more organized partying in motion, from spvp tournaments to wvw to dungeon runs. I don't know about anybody else, but I know I need a lot of story mode dungeons! :)

Plus, since this is one of the more fun holiday months, I want to get a contest going. In game gold pool will be the prize, 1g entry, screenshot contest, and Blasko and I would be ineligible to enter, as we'll vote. 1st place would get 50% of the pool, 2nd place gets 30%, 3rd place gets 20%. So if ten people enter, that's 5g for first place, 3g for 2nd, 2g for 3rd. (If we get a lot of entries, I may expand the prize selections) I'll add a new album people can submit their screenshots to, and if you want to enter, just deposit 1g in the guild bank and leave a message on the forum that you did. The guild bank has a log, so it'll also show who deposited (and withdraws).

So the theme? Scariest locale! You can dress up your character however you want, and if you want to remove the overlay, I'm pretty sure it's ctrl+shift+H to toggle the UI. May the spookiest screenshot win! :) (Deadline is Oct 30th, so prizes can be awarded Oct 31st!)

One entry per person! If you take a scarier screenshot, feel free to change your submission. The most recent screenshot from an individual will be the one judged.


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