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xValkyrie / Sep 05, 2012
The game has been out for the past week (week and a half if you've been in the head start) and for the most part the game has gone very smoothly. There have been issues, however, that anet is working on fixing. Namely, the auction house (or BLTC, black lion trading company. If you call it a TP, I will start calling you Charmin or Cottonelle. lol!) has been mostly down while Anet addresses both capacity issues and bug fixes.

The biggest bug lately with the BLTC is the gem store and the auction house portion eating your gems/gold. If you notice you pay for something and you don't get the item, you sell something and don't get the money, or are only awarded partial money, submit a website ticket to anet immediately. You may have to wait a while for a reimbursement, but a ticket is the only way to get it on their radar that you need help, and trust me, you're not alone!

I also wanted to quickly mention that if you're having any graphical problems, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. Nvidia has just come out with their 306.02 beta drivers, and if you're using a Radeon card, check their driver downloads page for updates as well.

Next have been guild bugs. Mostly that people can't represent the guild in some instances, such as being in an overflow server. I've had trouble queuing upgrades at times, though much less so now. If you're online, make sure to open the guild panel (default keybind is G) and hit the "Represent" button at the bottom. That way any events you take part in give influence to the guild, and allow us to upgrade quicker. :) As I mentioned in the website shoutbox, I also upgraded the guild in game to accept more people, so if you've been having issues getting invited try it now, and let me know if you need help or if it still isn't working.

Lastly, if you're having any serious issues, the official forums are now open! You can see if other people have solutions to your issues, or try and get your ticket noticed.
xValkyrie / Aug 28, 2012
Welcome to Guild Wars 2 if you haven't been playing the previous weekend already!!

For everyone, if you aren't sure how to enter your launch code (sounds dangerous, right?) go to the same website that you used to register your preorder/prepurchase code.

Then make sure if you're entering a launch code and you already have an established guild wars account (original or preorder/prepurchase GW2 you've been playing) that you click the YES button beneath. This will apply the code to your currently active accounts. Double check your emails. This is important, so you don't start a new account when not meaning to. Make sure you use the exact same email as you've been using.

See you in game! :)
xValkyrie / Aug 27, 2012
Good morning all!

If you're not currently invited to the guild, please whisper me the next time you're online. Even if your home server is not Blackgate you CAN join the guild. Add xvalkyrie.6742 to your friends list, you'll be able to contact me cross server.

Some known issues arena net has been having with the game with regards to guilds is overflow servers causing it up bug out when accepting guild invites. The solution is not an exact science, but includes zoning until you're able to accept/represent. Even I have had to stand down and represent again because npc's will tell me I'm not in a guild. (Like last night when ceasing the guild emblem)

Also the auction house has been down the whole weekend, but they are also working on that. Mail was fine last night, but that had also been spotty.

If you come across any errors, please report them to anet, or ask guildmates if they're experiencing the same, it might be another known bug we're all waiting on a fix for.

The best news of the weekend though was when Blackgate's WvW access opened up! Queues were long for some maps, but many of our guildies were able to get in and have a good time. :)

Let me know if you have any problems so I can try to troubleshoot it with you, and see you in game!
xValkyrie / Aug 21, 2012
As you all know, we are going to be launching the guild on Blackgate server as soon as the servers go live. So I wanted to write a short post about it, just so everyone's clear on what to do if something 'bad' happens.

If you log on, have not chosen a server yet, and Blackgate is full:
  • Close the game, come back in a bit and see if anet has increased server population cap on Blackgate
  • Choose another home server, create your character, take your chances on free transfers (there will be free server transfers for the first week! you may have to wait until people rebalance if you run into the server full issue, but still - free transfers)

You CAN be a part of the guild if you are not on the same home server as we are. The only thing not being on Blackgate will keep you from doing with the rest of the guild on Blackgate (and vice versa) is playing WvW together. (Home server ties you to ONLY that Home server's WvW, and when you guest on another server, you keep your home server's bonuses) Everything else is accessible by guesting on another server, pve play, dungeons, spvp. So if you don't care about ever participating in WvW with us, then you have the option of choosing a different home server that suits you better. :)

That said, I do not believe Blackgate will be the highest population server. That award will go to Tarnished Coast, Jade Quarry and Isle of Janthir. Lol. Blackgate has a lot of announced/planned guilds, but the member count of most of the guilds is currently "small," 50 or less, rather than 500.

The part of the population that may clog servers initially would be the millions of other people who do not visit fansites, log on, and pick random servers to roll on. Remember when Anet announced they hit the million sign up mark back when they were having beta sign ups before the first public BWE? They only have about 500k members on facebook. Even GW2Guru only has a couple thousand members and it's the largest fansite for Guild Wars 2. There are plenty of people who will play that goes unaccounted for, except based on sales numbers which I don't believe have been released.

The good news is Anet has done so many stress tests and the three BWEs that they have the capacity for the onslaught. (It's why they reduced server count going from BWE2 to BWE3) So if you encounter a 'server full' message, come back in an hour (if during headstart) to see if the servers have evened out, and they've opened up more space. They won't do it immediately, because then it will leave a HUGE population deficit on less popular servers, but I imagine they'll open more space across all servers as they all reach the full mark.
xValkyrie / Aug 14, 2012

US Servers in Alphabetical Order
Anvil Rock
Blackgate <-- Where we'll be
Borlis Pass
Crystal Desert
Ehmry Bay
Ferguson’s Crossing
Fort Aspenwood
Gate of Madness
Henge of Denravi
Isle of Janthir
Jade Quarry
Northern Shiverpeaks
Sanctum of Rall
Sea of Sorrows
Sorrow’s Furnace
Stormbluff Isle
Tarnished Coast
Yak’s Bend
xValkyrie / Aug 14, 2012
It's the final countdown!

Good news!

From the official site; we MAY be able to get into the servers as early as midnight east coast, instead of 3am. I, for one, will be checking obsessively for us. My character names are saved (I played GW1 back in the day and several times this year coming up to speed on lore) but guilds aren't saved, so it's a race to create! I'll be on vent so you all can locate whatever junk character I speed create to try and get our guild name first. :) After the name is secure, I'll go back and savor character creation. haha